Heart shaped peninsula

The region of charm and legends, local wines and gastro delicacies, endless green fields, dark red earth and azure blue sea - Istria.

Let us take you on a journey through rolling hills, the crystal clear Adriatic sea, charming medieval hilltop towns, tasty delicacies, and the unspoiled mentality of Istria. Located in the northern Adriatic, Istria is a golden destination filled with Roman ruins, local wine, home-cooked delicacies, top-notch dining, and the inevitable Mediterranean warm sun and long dreamy beaches. Representing the beautiful synergy of green and blue, Savudrija is a rich source of natural resources and cultural heritage. Because of its pleasant and mild climate and natural beauties, it is the genuine gateway to irresistible Istria.

Most of the population is bilingual, speaking  both Italian and Croatian which contributes to the openness of the people who warmly welcome anyone visiting. The stunning seaside towns of Rovinj, Poreč, and Pula are known for their coastal beauty. But the inland medieval hilltop towns of Motovun and Grožnjan with their local restaurants serving truffle pasta dishes and most prestigious gourmet meals coupled with aromatic local wine remain something yet to be discovered. Often referred to as the new Tuscany, Istria has the rare capacity to offer incredible natural tastes from its earth.

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With a long and beautiful coastline surrounded by more than a thousand islands, scenic pebbled beaches lapped by the azure sea, and rich cultural heritage, Croatia is a unique Mediterranean gem.


A lovely combination of green and blue, Istria is packed with colorful fishing villages, charming islands and rocky beaches, medieval towns on cliffs, wineries, olive groves, and truffle filled forests.


The third largest city in Croatia, the most important seaport due to its strategic location and the European Capital of Culture in 2020.


The magical medieval center on hilltops, surrounded by vineyards is home to Roxanich winery that offers a selection of light and refreshing whites and rich long-aged locally produced wines.


The home of the most splendid Istrian wine brand, Muškat. The dry, sweet wine of a deep golden color can be tasted in Kozlović winery or sipped while enjoying a delicious meal at the restaurant Stari podrum.


Built in the 1st century AD, during the reign of Emperor Vespasian, the most famous and important monument - the Amphitheater , also popularly called the Arena of Pula.


With its devotion to tradition, magnificent architecture, and landscapes that have remained unspoiled by urban development, this romantic city is famous for its artists, museums, galleries, and culture.


Small village located by the river Mirna is the world center of the Istrian white truffle. Zigante tartufi is the local brand offering the unique experience of hunting the most expensive trophy and tasting a truffle-infused dish.


The small fishing village, rich in history is also the oldest active lighthouse in the Adriatic and an ideal destination for an active and adrenaline-packed experience.


Once an important Venetian fortress and a regional center, today is a hub for artists and musicians and one of the most appealing destinations for creative tourism.

Meneghetti winery

The Red Land' (terra rossa) around the Meneghetti winery is intense, mineral, and rich in iron, favorable for cultivating red wine grapes that give wines with strong aromas.

Brijuni national park

The Brijuni (pronounced [brijǔːni]) or the Brijuni Islands, the group of fourteen small islands in the Croatian part of the northern Adriatic Sea, are also a national park and a true cultural heritage.


A magnificent coastal town on the Adriatic Sea and a well-known 19th-century health resort with a mild and pleasant climate, Opatija is a destination worthy of your visit.


The first city you will reach when approaching Istria from western Europe is also home to Croatia Open, the most famous Croatian ATP tournament with 28 years of tradition.

The untold story of Istria

The heart-shaped peninsula at the northwestern end of Croatia embodies the best of the Adriatic; its desirable Mediterranean climate, warm sunshine, and dry summers coupled with mild winters. As some say, heaven is a place in Istria.

In 1999. a local Istrian truffle hunter Giancarlo Zigante in the company of his dog, Diana, found a white truffle, the biggest ever found. With that event, the love story of Istria and the white truffle began. Today, it is possible to taste the authentic white truffle in the restaurant Zigante straight from the family table. The smell, the taste, the texture, and the experience of enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal is one of the things that make this region so special. Malvazija, one of the Croatian staple white wines, the best of its kind is produced in Istria. Kozlović and Roxanich families produce the region's finest wines. A visit to their wineries is truly an experience for all senses. Located in the village of Bale, known as Croatia's best-kept secret, Meneghetti is more than just a winery. This family does not only produce excellent quality white wines, but also the liquid gold - olive oil. All of them have given everything they possibly can to create a memorable experience and an authentic product.

In October of 2020, Istria was proclaimed as the only Coronavirus-free region in Europe. Istrians managed to stay away from the new wave of infection and are doing better on the peninsula than in most of Croatia, and Europe. This statement goes hand in hand with the mentality of Istrian people who strongly believe that devotion to the resorces of their region will bring them peace of mind and progress. Istrian people are warm and always ready to understand all the needs of those visiting. They have taken the job of making Istria one of the most desirable regions of Europe seriously. Here you will find people with a tolerance for diversity, with a love of fine food and wine, and above all, a passion for the land and sea that is unsurpassed anywhere in Croatia.

This is a 21st-century diamond region for those who like authenticity, devotion, unspoiled mentality, local wine, top-notch dining, warm sun, and pebble beaches. Immerse yourself in the land of pleasures, were sitting at an outdoor table facing the local winery, with a soaring sight of vines and groves eventually dropping into the Adriatic is an everyday type of a situation. At this point, there is nothing left to say besides - come and experience Istria firsthand.

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